In 1993, stonemasons from Hotavlje also became miners, when we, first in Slovenia, decided to open an underground quarry to extract stones from the underground galleries. In this way we enabled access to underground supplies, estimated at 3.5 millions cubic metres (for 127 years) and at the same time, took into consideration the ecology, since without this the quarry in Kosmač Hill would be even bigger.

Stone is the man. Together with wood and earth, it forms three primal materials written in our genetic perception of habitat. After every handling, stone is unique, just like a fingerprint from nature’s history. With its eternity, it conveys a message about our mortality. Coming in touch with it, humans can feel millions of years passing by. A stone is a constant, man is a variable. But man wants exactly the opposite, which is why we surround ourselves with the ideal of a constant – with a stone. It is a contrast to trends and a counter balance to fashion.
DAN LENARD, navtical designer

The Cathedral of Saint Sava, Belgrade

  • 10,000m2 of facades
  • 1,500m2 of massive reliefs

In 2002, we were chosen in an international competition and earned the biggest job so far: all the outdoor and interior stone cutting work done until today during the renovation of the Cathedral of Saint Sava in Belgrade, which is the second largest Orthodox Church in the world.

Stone is much more than just an aesthetic element bringing nature into your home. The beauty of a stone in not only in its appearance, but in its functionality. It is an excellent insulator, since it accumulates heat. In summer, it enables a pleasant coolness, whereas in winter it emits warmth into the room. It is energy efficient and economically viable, since the accumulation of warmth in the stone claddings enables you to save money when heating your home in winter and cooling it in the summer.


Quarrying with hand tools was hard work. Even the relatively soft lime stone was difficult to cut with copper saws, and chisels.Holes were cut into the rock, wooden wedges driven into the slots and moistened. The expanding wood cracked the rock. Doubt has been cast on wood being strong enough for the purpose, but than were no alternatives  for stone extraction.


The beauty of stone is in its uniqueness. Every piece of stone is unique, since it was shaped uniquely in its geological past. Nature gave stone a touch of perfection, which is reflected in its variety, texture and colours.


  • bathroom, presidential suite
  • 22,000m² of external and internal surfaces


To shape a stone into a product or a work of art is very demanding work which can be done only by skilled stone cutting professionals. They cut it into shapes that attract us because of the mysterious character of the material, and charm us with their beauty. We carefully preserve the stone cutting tradition, and further develop and combine it with computer assisted technology.


  • kitchen
  • bathroom

modern, classic

They are manufactured in accordance with your wishes.


From fascinating staircases and small stone details to amazing facades and charming interiors. A great variety of different types of stones enable you to create a home that perfectly matches your personality. Beauty in stone , nature in your home.


  • stone cubes
  • kerbs
  • outdoor pavers
  • massive pieces

We offer installation with all our products.


The oldest known products from the company Marmor Hotavlje date back to the year 1721, which can be seen on the middle column of a mullion in a tower of the succursal church of St. Gertrude in the village of Čabrače. The products in the older part of the church of the Holy Cross above the village of Srednja vas are probably older, but they are not dated.


The stone cutting company Marmor Hotavlje has shared its rich knowledge about stones and the art of construction from generation to generation. Through our apprentices, we have managed to preserve the tradition, improve our quality and carefully protect our master solutions. Today, our treasure chest of ideas and procedures can be seen in the art of building villas, medieval cathedrals, Baroque mansions and parks.


With the project method of work and a good understanding of the global market of stone blocks and slabs we have all the possibilities to realize planned projects together with customers, whether we are dealing with a stone doorstep, shelf or a bigger building.


  • on-site repairs
  • dismantling and repairs
  • reproductions


  • advice from an architect
  • selection of the right stone
  • measurements
  • manufacture
  • installation
  • protection
  • warranty


In 1910, Hans Wildi, an inhabitant of Trieste, bought a part of a quarry in Hotavlje above the right bank of the river Volaščica from the landowner Lovrih from the village of Srednje Brdo, and the other part stayed in the possession of Lovrih’s neighbour Kosmač who sold it to the company Marmor Hotavlje in 1948.


  • advice from an arfchitect
  • selection of the right stone
  • measurements
  • manufacture
  • installation
  • protection
  • warranty


At its opening in 1910, Kempinski Palace was the biggest and the most beautiful hotel by the Adriatic Sea, right after the Excelsior Hotel in Venice. It is the first Slovenian 5* star luxury hotel with a mark “de luxe”. It ranks among the world’s luxury hotels.

We proudly took part in its renovation.

IEDC, Bled
School of Management

Stone is a natural, extremely practical and durable material with eternal elegance. In nature, it comes in different colours and shapes, which makes it universal for use. Stone is a material which can be combined perfectly with other materials used inside or outside a home.

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.


I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.


A stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories.

Andy Goldsworthy

They have created the most beautiful yachts designed in recent years. To achieve this very prominent market niche, they worked really hard, produced quality products without competition and dedicated all their love to stones and their handling. Master workers from Hotavlje love what they do, which is why their work is the result of a personal relationship between a master and a material.

DAN LENARD, Nautical Designer


This charming park is a treasure of the Carniolan aristocratic history. Walking through it, you can observe rich flora and fauna, and many sights.


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